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Oh hello 2013  
11:45am 26/02/2013
Jynefir Dyan
Yeah I still exist... things have been so up and down in a major way this past year and as much as I've been meaning to post an update here it's just so hard to find the time with all thats filling my life now. I suppose that's mostly a good thing though. Despite the tough time we are having trying to get our lives situated for a better future, I am at least content and happy with my little family that I do have. I couldnt ask for a better fiance or kids. When things aren't going my way I just keep reminding myself that at least I have them. <3
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My baby boy is growing up so fast!  
08:00am 14/08/2012
Jynefir Dyan
Four years ago this morning, I was preparing to go in and get checked out at my 39week appointment. I knew the previous week I was 5cm and was barely allowed to go home and wait it out after being monitored for several hours to see if I was having any regular contractions yet, so I went ahead and took my bags with me. After getting called in to the examination room at my doctor's office and being checked out she saw that I was already dilated 7cm and said alright lady you're having a baby today! Go to the hospital now and I'll be over shortly to come break your water. By 9:11pm that night I gave birth to a very healthy and active baby boy who amazes me more and more each day. Happy Birthday Jett! I can't believe he's starting school in just under 2 weeks now. Being 9 months pregnant with his little sister I get the joy of crying over all these little things today. Pretty soon that same doctor will help me bring her in to the world as well. Today is full of so many emotions. <3 

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Moving around and kicking me at 27 weeks...  
01:44pm 10/06/2012
Jynefir Dyan

This is a nightly occurence these days, and it's usually a lot more violent. lol. Can't wait to meet her!
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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The secret's out...  
10:02pm 01/02/2012
Jynefir Dyan
So I talked to my family yesterday and then told a few more people tonight who I wanted to talk to before going public with the news. Tomorrow morning I will be sharing it all on facebook! But for now... here's some pictures and a video :)

I went to the doctor yesterday and all looks great. I'm 9 weeks along, just a couple months so far and Due on September 4th. I should know the sex of the baby some time in April I believe. The heartbeat was around 182-184 bpm and sounded healthy and looked great. If you turn the volume all the way up for the video then you can hear the heartbeat when she goes to that part of the scan. :)

This is my 9 week ultrasound taken on January 31st 2012. I am due on Sept 4th!
If you turn the volume all the way up you can actually hear the heartbeat during that part of the scan. :)
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One year later... healthy and happy.  
10:18pm 15/01/2012
Jynefir Dyan
One year ago today I decided that I was going to change my lifestyle and start living a healthier life. I didn't do anything drastic like have surgery or sign up for a program. I wasn't buying in to weightloss shakes or joining a gym. I didn't go out and get a personal trainer. I decided that I was capable of finding out information for myself on how to eat healthier foods, how much was enough for me, what my body needed to do to get in shape, and so I did just that. I ate less and I moved more. I am healthier now than I've ever been in my entire life. I weigh less than I did in middle school and though I'm no toothpick, nor do I wish to be, I am comfortable in my own skin. I like the way I look and feel and overall my change in health has improved me not only physcially but mentally. I am stronger and happier. I have done things in the last year I never even knew I could or thought I wanted to. I actually enjoy running now and ran my first race last month. I even did it in a pretty decent amount of time for a first try! I just want everyone to know that no matter what your goals are, you are capable of them and as long as you are determined to reach them, you will. I truely believe, if I can then anyone can.

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Good bye 2011, Hello 2012!  
08:46pm 31/12/2011
Jynefir Dyan
It's a bittersweet goodbye to the passing year for me because 2011 has been the most amazing year of my life so far. However, as many awesome things this year has brought me I can only imagine how much more I have to look forward to in 2012. I have done things with myself I never knew were possible and I hope to continue surprising myself and others with just how much I am capable of making out of my life. ♥ Happy New Year!!
mood: excitedexcited
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I have sooo much to say...  
11:17pm 28/12/2011
Jynefir Dyan
now I just have to find the time to say it all!!! lol.

But until then here's the cliff notes...

- my life is awesome.
- i never imagined I could ever be this happy.
- my son amazes me every day.
- my potential in the world is becoming more and more clear.
- my health and weight is the best it's ever been in all my years.
- my boyfriend and I can't help but feel like we're pretty much soul mates.
- i love myself.

and holy crap... i just got texted the sweetest thing that's ever been said to me. "I love you too, baby. You make my heart's cheeks hurt. That's how much you make my heart smile."

and now my cheeks hurt... lol
mood: giddygiddy
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I'm madly in love.  
11:28pm 17/11/2011
Jynefir Dyan
I never expected this... and that's half the fun.

It's blissful to feel.

Love conquers fear. <3
mood: touchedtouched
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What's 500 miles got to do with it...?  
10:08pm 13/11/2011
Jynefir Dyan
hah... so yeah... I have a boyfriend.

That was scary to admit to myself. But thrilling just the same. <3
mood: lovedloved
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Nothing like being a girl..  
10:51am 05/11/2011
Jynefir Dyan
Way to be full of insecurities... All this confidence in myself lately and I hadn't really seen that side of me in a long time but here it comes rearing its ugly head. Gosh... I hate being jealous. It's such an irrational feeling. Especially when I know better. That doesn't keep me from doubting myself though. Especially when history has a tendency to repeat itself.


I do take comfort in good songs that say just what I feel though. lol. <3
mood: enviousenvious
music: Dream - He loves you not
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