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I have sooo much to say...  
11:17pm 28/12/2011
Jynefir Dyan
now I just have to find the time to say it all!!! lol.

But until then here's the cliff notes...

- my life is awesome.
- i never imagined I could ever be this happy.
- my son amazes me every day.
- my potential in the world is becoming more and more clear.
- my health and weight is the best it's ever been in all my years.
- my boyfriend and I can't help but feel like we're pretty much soul mates.
- i love myself.

and holy crap... i just got texted the sweetest thing that's ever been said to me. "I love you too, baby. You make my heart's cheeks hurt. That's how much you make my heart smile."

and now my cheeks hurt... lol
mood: giddygiddy
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