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My baby boy is growing up so fast!  
08:00am 14/08/2012
Jynefir Dyan
Four years ago this morning, I was preparing to go in and get checked out at my 39week appointment. I knew the previous week I was 5cm and was barely allowed to go home and wait it out after being monitored for several hours to see if I was having any regular contractions yet, so I went ahead and took my bags with me. After getting called in to the examination room at my doctor's office and being checked out she saw that I was already dilated 7cm and said alright lady you're having a baby today! Go to the hospital now and I'll be over shortly to come break your water. By 9:11pm that night I gave birth to a very healthy and active baby boy who amazes me more and more each day. Happy Birthday Jett! I can't believe he's starting school in just under 2 weeks now. Being 9 months pregnant with his little sister I get the joy of crying over all these little things today. Pretty soon that same doctor will help me bring her in to the world as well. Today is full of so many emotions. <3 

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