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The secret's out...  
10:02pm 01/02/2012
Jynefir Dyan
So I talked to my family yesterday and then told a few more people tonight who I wanted to talk to before going public with the news. Tomorrow morning I will be sharing it all on facebook! But for now... here's some pictures and a video :)

I went to the doctor yesterday and all looks great. I'm 9 weeks along, just a couple months so far and Due on September 4th. I should know the sex of the baby some time in April I believe. The heartbeat was around 182-184 bpm and sounded healthy and looked great. If you turn the volume all the way up for the video then you can hear the heartbeat when she goes to that part of the scan. :)

This is my 9 week ultrasound taken on January 31st 2012. I am due on Sept 4th!
If you turn the volume all the way up you can actually hear the heartbeat during that part of the scan. :)
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